Goldman Sachs is Seeking for $5 Billion Listing for Petershill Partners

According to analysts quoted by Reuters, Goldman Sachs said Monday that it would list its Petershill Partners unit in London, in an operation that could value the U.S. bank’s unit at some $5 billion.

Petershill Partners, which holds minority stakes in 19 alternative investment vehicles such as private equity and hedge funds, will be operated by Goldman Sachs for a fee. The funds manage some $187 billion worth of aggregated assets.

The U.S. bank plans to sell some $750 million of existing and new shares to give Petershill a 25% free float and make it eligible for the London Stock Exchange‘s FTSE 100 index.

Petershill was set up in 2007 and, if the IPO goes through, would become the largest listed alternative investment entity on the London Stock Exchange.