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Landscaping Tips for Curb Appeal and Hardscaping Ideas to Enhance the Beauty and Value of Your Home

Curb appeal gives the house and new and more comfortable look and feel. Here are some tips to help you spice up your home.

No. 1 Priority: Cut, Color, and Fill

No matter how attractive ivy seems to you or how much you adore your azaleas, remember that to an outsider, too much unruly green can seem like a bad state. “The biggest landscaping improvement that many homeowners can make is often judicious pruning,” says Sheri Silver, owner of Fiori Garden Design in Irvington, NY. hanging in the hallways can be visually seen ‘eat the house’ “. And while you’re trimming, don’t forget to remove weeds from your beds; Even neat and trimmed gardens can look cluttered with crafty, overgrown beds.

No. 2 Out with the old

Don’t let plants of the past lurk in your garden – dead and dying bushes are killers of curb appeal. No matter how well cared for and perfectly planned your landscaping looks, that sad-looking brown bush or plant will be the first thing onlookers will notice. Even an empty spot on the plan is better than a sticking out skeletal bush – once you know you can’t save it, put on your gardening gloves and do your dirty work digging it up.

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Also, don’t forget to check out the planters and planters. “There is nothing sadder than a pot full of dead twigs and brown leaves,” says Sheri. Empty the pots and put them away if you don’t want to worry about their maintenance.

In the case of planters, which are placed in the house, do not leave them empty to collect rainwater and bugs. “Plant some moss, it’s inexpensive, and it’s available at most nurseries and garden centers,” says Sheri. “It provides a nice, clean appearance and is maintenance-free.”

No. 3 In with the New

Don’t underestimate the value of a little color in making your home feel cozy. “Seasonal annuals are an inexpensive option that can add a pop of color and look really cozy,” says Sheri. Mulching beds is another simple but effective way to improve the appearance of your lawn. “The new mulch is an instant facelift” for your lawn, he says.

Finally, fill in bare grass areas (by seeding or lawn, depending on your time and budget concerns) and keep your lawn trimmed and sharp to make your garden look green, green, and attractive.

No. 4 Rocking the Hardscaping

It’s true: landscaping can be significantly more expensive than landscaping. And while it won’t be the first thing you see from the street, if you’re trying to sell your home, it’s probably a solution you should seriously consider. “Cracked and damaged hallways detract from the appearance of the house and are a safety hazard,” says Sheri.

However, if you have it in your budget, hardscaping can give you a good bang for your buck. While not essential, hard-edged beds are definitely eye-catching. “A good pavement or cobblestone border adds tremendous appeal and elegance,” says Jose Zelaya from Zelaya Landscaping, a Raleigh-based landscaping designer.

Another landscaping project that has a golden curb appeal – a welcoming path from the sidewalk, driveway, or road to the front door of the home. “It could be an alley of trees, rows of hedges, or a flower border along cobblestones or bricks,” says Andrea.

No. 5 Curb Personality: Making It All Work Together

Overgrown lawns, dead shrubs, and weed-infested beds are huge killers of curb appeal, but they’re also easy to fix. However, if you really want to pin down perfect landscaping and rough landscaping, think about your home. “Remember to work with the architecture of the residence,” says Andrea. “If you plant a very feminine and flowery Victorian garden in front of a masculine meadow-style house, it will look very bad, like a lumberjack trying to put on a tutu!”

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Curb Appeal Tips: Home Exterior

Suspicious siding, warped windows, or peeling paint? Get the exterior of your home to capitalize on the curb appeal.

You see your house every day, so it’s easy to get used to its appearance and overlook its flaws and exterior flaws. But if your home isn’t living up to its curb appeal potential, a few changes can add a fantastic facelift to the front of the house.

Top Priority: Big Ticket Items’ Colors and Conditions

It’s not cheap, but the right (or wrong) roof or siding can completely change the look of your home. If you live in a brick house with a new roof, this will not be a concern for you. But for existing homes, taking stock of these two major parts of your home’s exterior cannot be overlooked.

Especially if your concerns about curb appeal are rooted in wanting to sell your home, those shingles can create a watershed moment for potential buyers before they walk in the door. “Once people get over the first impression, they check the condition of the ceiling,” says Javier Zelaya from One West Realty.

If the exterior of your home is painted, inspect it carefully. Peeling paint is one of those details that you might not notice as much, but people looking at your home for the first time will probably notice it, and it will definitely influence their opinion of your home. Check the painted coating with special care; Look not only for potential paint problems but also for problems like rotten or warped boards that may need to be replaced.

Curb Appeal Ideas: Home Exterior Makeovers

Good Idea: Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the passages into the heart of the home, so it’s important to make sure they’re both in good condition and in good taste. “The front door should be the star of the show with everything else playing supporting roles,” says Gina Samarotto, principal of Samarotto Design Group in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Even if your front door is in good shape, sprucing it up can be an inexpensive, easy way to give your whole house a facelift. When Alan Hilsabeck Jr., owner of Hilsabeck Design Associates in Flower Mound, Texas, moved into his house, the front door was one of his first curb appeal projects. He not only painted the front door, but he also added a new front door handle set and coordinated the handle’s finishes with the house numbers. He also added new lighting. “The neighbors thought we did a complete home makeover,” he says. “It just makes a huge difference to a home’s curb appeal.”

Think about paint when it comes to your windows, as well, says Zoila Aberenga, owner of Zoila’s Cleaning, a Raleigh NC-based company. “If your window frames are somewhat wimpy, paint the trim around them so they appear chunkier,” she says, adding that if you do this, color matching is essential. “If the windows are white and the homeowner paints the trim off-white, it will look like a mistake.”

Put Your Best Facade Forward

While remodeling the exterior of a home can be a great job, don’t be overwhelmed. Just remember that you are looking for a cohesive and attractive sidewalk impression. So after you’ve taken care of the larger projects above, step back for a moment and reflect on the look of the house. One of the biggest dangers that people don’t think about curb appeal is simply going overboard. Don’t go crazy with ornate details that will detract from the overall appeal of the home. “Less is more when it comes to style,” says Zoila.

Finally, when you’re thinking about all these great ideas, don’t forget the simplest and lowest-cost curb appeal booster of all: “Nothing beats a good cleaning, picking, trimming, and ordering,” says Shamira.