Nikki Haley Criticizes Trump’s Approach to the Border and Condemns His ‘Rants,’ Suggesting He Feels Threatened

In a candid interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley didn’t mince words as she criticized former President Donald J. Trump’s recent actions, particularly his reactions to legal losses and his alleged interference in a bipartisan effort on border security.

Urgency of Border Deal

According to a wall street journal print edition report, Haley voiced her concern over Trump’s attempts to halt a bipartisan Senate initiative on border security, suggesting that his motives were purely political. Emphasizing the need for an immediate passage of a border deal, she conveyed frustration with the prospect of delaying until after the election. “We can’t wait one more day,” she insisted, pointing out the critical importance of addressing border security promptly.

Legal Troubles and Voter Decision

While discussing Trump’s legal troubles, Haley acknowledged the jury’s verdict finding him liable for sexual abuse in the case of writer E. Jean Carroll. Nevertheless, she declined to label the verdict as disqualifying, leaving that determination to the voters. “I have complete trust in the jury.” Their decision was undoubtedly influenced by the evidence,” she confidently stated. She deflected queries about disqualification, highlighting the importance of the people’s right to make decisions.

Insight into Trump’s Mindset

Nikki Haley, who served during the Trump administration, also provided insight into Trump’s mindset, especially when feeling threatened. She laughed off Trump’s racist attacks against her, noting his attempts to undermine her Indian heritage. “I would always tell him he was his own worst enemy. He’s proving that right now,” she remarked, referring to his recent behavior and responses.

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R.N.C. Premature Endorsement and Party Unity

Aside from criticizing Trump, Haley directed her criticism towards the Republican National Committee (R.N.C.) for endorsing Trump prematurely. Before the majority of states had cast their votes. She questioned the R.N.C.’s role as an “honest broker” in the Republican primary and criticized Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for advocating party unity behind Trump based on early wins in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Managing Expectations for South Carolina Primary

As Nikki Haley gears up for the South Carolina primary next month, she sought to manage expectations, indicating that an outright win might not be necessary. Nevertheless, she underscored the necessity of surpassing her 43 percent performance in New Hampshire. She emphasized the significance of showcasing momentum and competitiveness in the upcoming contest. The interview showcased Haley’s willingness to speak out against her former ally and her commitment to addressing critical issues facing the nation.